Michael L. Mistric, PhD

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I have been a registered nurse over 30 years and work as a nurse practitioner for the Michael E. DeBakey VA Medical Center in Houston, Texas. In addition to my clinical work, I hold faculty appointments at Texas Woman’s University School of Nursing in Houston, Texas and University of Texas Medical Branch School of Nursing in Galveston, Texas.

Although I have no formal training in the visual arts, I began in 1991 to make miniature pen and ink drawings on paper as a way of keeping my restless hands and mind occupied. From these “doodles” – which I still enjoy doing – I moved over the years to work in three dimensions, using oil paint pens on wooden boxes, cabinets, tables, and other found objects. I also produce two-dimensional work in the form of screens and paintings on board.

All of my work, whatever its format, is motivated by the contrast and interaction of the black mark with the ground. Although people perceive various influences in my work, if any exist, they are by no means conscious. Indeed, the forms spring spontaneously from my head through my hand with no prior preparation or deliberation. Thus every work is unique in two senses: none is like any other and each generates a distinctly personal visual association in the mind of the individual viewer.

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