LeeAnn Gorman

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Pattern, color, and design are consistent, recurring elements in my work. I strive to produce alluring landscapes and abstract images with a harmony of color and form to evoke a sense of calm and balance.

When I paint, I allow the designs of my paintings to reveal themselves as I work. I work without inhibition, and use color with a mix of shapes and patterns to infuse energy into the images.

I work from intuition because my landscapes and abstractions are imaginary places.  When I paint, I try to forget what real places look like, and let solid masses disintegrate into texture and color. I rely on my instinct and use color to express emotion rather than to describe the actual appearance of things. I enjoy the freedom of letting each piece evolve on its own terms as I work with little initial planning. I work without being aware of working in order to allow my painting to develop a life of its own

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