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Several themes run throughout my paintings. I painted myths, maps and memories forty years ago and I am painting myths, maps and memories today.

These themes were present in my work before I discovered Mr. Campbell and Mr. Jung, men whose writings clarified for me what I was painting.

My paintings describe my life before I am actually aware of what is occurring in my day-to-day. The paintings are my life’s barometer. Looking back, I see where I’ve been and how I arrived in the present moment.

Images enter and depart from my paintings in cyclical fashion. They arrive, expand and then fade into another reoccurring image.

As a young person in Chicago, I read mythologies and returned again and again to museums to look at paintings. I was a Boy Scout taking camping trips, drawing maps and studying Native American lore. In college, my first paintings were of Native American dancers.

Native American mythology, Greco/Roman mythology, Judo/Christian mythology, maps, landscapes, art history have all been ever shifting reference points throughout my long career.

This new work speaks of memories and includes a series of collage painting made from older work, now given new life. They are mythic memory maps.

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  • I have a painting that inherited from a lady in Santa Fe New Mexico and was wondering if you can tell me about it like the year it was painted and what a painting like that would sell for ?

  • I have a painting from you it is a mermaid playing a guitar. I bought it in Santa Fe and was wondering if You can tell me anything about it, Year that you painted it and the selling price as well as if the lady in the painting was a real person that you just painted her as a mermaid.

  • I have a painting of a mermaid playing a guitar! Can You tell me about the painting like the year you painted it what a painting like that cost. If a person had you to paint it of them and make them into a mermaid.

    Wendy Montogmery

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