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In 1976, I graduated from the University of St. Thomas with a degree in nursing. For the past eight years, I have been employed at Memorial Hermann Healthcare Systems as a Forensic Nurse. I work with sexual assault, child abuse, and domestic violence patients.

I have always painted on and off through out my life. I studied art at the University of St Thomas in 1983 and 84. In 2005, my son David was accepted into Minneapolis College of Art and Design. On visiting the campus, all I could think was “I want to do this”. On returning to Houston, I called the University of Houston, and for the next three years studied art at the U of H.

I am mainly a figurative artist who has have found a fascination with textures. Most of my paintings use both.

I have long wanted to combine my two passions, my work and my painting. I tried different ideas, but it didn’t come together until I lost a friend to domestic violence. People read about these happenings, think “how awful” and then forget about it. I have cut each article out of the newspaper, and have drawn or painted images over the articles. In a sense, the newspaper is my canvas. Often, my paintings are influenced by my emotions after a particularly difficult case. They are all very personal to me. My hope is that they images will draw the viewer in for a closer look and then the head lines will take over. If I can raise awareness just a little, one viewer at a time, my art has been successful.

I took the idea of news events and have started a series, using newspaper clippings of the BP oil spill. I have painted brown pelicans over. I had my nephew, Jimmy, collect some oil form the Pensacola beach, and have incorporated that oil into my paintings. These paintings are now at Bogan Gallery in Galveston.

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